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Course: Healthy Movement of the Horse
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The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse | Trot: The Gait of Impulsion

The trot is our first gait of impulsion and it is here that we must strive for a purity of movement at all times so that we keep the trot as a gait of impulsion.  

The trot is a glorious gait one that has so many possibilities.  All of these possibilities make this the wonderful gait of training that the trot can be. The trot is a gait of impulsion.  Very different from the walk.  Moments where the horse is in complete suspension all four feet off the ground at one time. This is what makes the trot a gait of impulsion.  For two moments within every stride we are flying.

Because this is a gait of training makes this a gait that we need to spend special attention to.  To understand what lives here so that we can bring out all the capabilities of the horse.  To know and to be able to see when he has access and power, unlimited our influence upon him.