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Course: Healthy Movement of the Horse
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The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse | The Mobile Shoulder

Studying the shoulder of the horse.  Deserving of study because it is different in the horse then it is humans.  There is no skeletal connection in the horse for the shoulder and the front legs.  They have no collar bone and we need to understand the ramifications this has on the movement of the horse.

What does the outside shoulder need to do on a turn when a horse doesn't lean.

If we draw a circle and look at one quarter to follow the line of the circle with one foot on the inside of the circle and one foot on the outside, it is obvious that the outside leg will have to travel a little farther than the inside leg.

But let's keep our attention on the shoulders. 

We know that shoulders move forward and back with every stride.

Every corner consists of more than one stride.

So keeping that in mind, for the outside foot to travel farther the range of movement, the ability of the outside shoulder to move more forward is an elemental aspect of the turn.

The limitation of the outside shoulder precludes the horse from being upright, and bending through the corner.  The only option for the horse becomes to lean through the corner.

Reference to Bend through Corners article

So what comes first the lean or the restriction on the outside shoulder?

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