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Program: The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse
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Course: Healthy Movement of the Horse
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The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse | Aequus Libra - Equilibrium Including Canter


Discovering where the horse finds balance.  Where equilibrium lives in his body without the rider.

æquus means Equal and libra means Balance

So Aequus Libra or æquilibrium means to be in Equal Balance

Balance could and perhaps should be the defining essence of the horse.

Living in equal balance has two separate yet united meanings.  It is a way to live, a balance between spiritual, emotional and our own physicality.  And, it is about being in balance physically, in this moment of time and space.

If you are not in balance physically, if you are out of balance, there can be no balance emotionally, spiritually.  To be out of balance is to put the body into stress, somewhere.  

This link between our physical self and our spiritual self is often overlooked.  We must not overlook it when it comes to our horses.  

They are a creature of Aequus Libra.  A creature that depends on living in a healthy balance every moment of his life, to stay alive.  To have a moment of unbalance, can be the very moment when death is ready to pounce. 

Aequus Libra.  Equal Balance.

Watching the horse at play with no human attached we see these endless variations of balance, the whole horse involved.  This is what gives it it's wholeness, its health.  The entire body involved, no part left behind.  The twist and turn, the muzzle raised to this exact millimeter, the hoof balancing an entire body, the neck stretched into movement, each element creating the perfect balance in this moment in time.  Only to change, to morph into a new picture, a new balance in the very next moment of power and energy expressed. 

If we take away Aeguus Libra, Equal Balance, if we take away their physical equilibrium, we take away their sense of wholeness, their sense of health, their sense of safety.  To rebalance is one thing, to constrain another.

Full access, full engagement, a whole engagement of the horse's body must be our goal.  A body where every part is where it needs to be to achieve Aequus Libra.  Equilibrium.

Images of Various States of Balance.