♔ KJRSOS Field of Study ~ The Study of Healthy Movement of the Horse

The Study of Movement ~ Beautiful Gorgeous Free Flowing Powerful Movement ~ The First Step
This is about you becoming so aware of the energies of the horse that you can't imagine for a moment to not let them exist, you can't imagine doing anything to extinguish that beautiful, gorgeous, living, vital, complete utilization of the body of that which is Kjrsos because they have now become a part of who you are.
This is where it all begins.  The beginning to ensure that everything that follows is healthy for the horse.  It is also the building block of where movement becomes its own language, our first step in our Quest to the Centaur.

The ability to visualize and recognize good movement may arguably be 'the' most important educational element.

So it is no surprise that 'The Study of Healthy Equine Movement" is a prerequisite for most of the courses that follow.


Amazing Transition from trot to canter...    also trot to halt to reversing has possibilities as well.

You won't be able to see as long as you keep seeing images that support other. To develop your eye will demand that you give up, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, It will demand that you spend time away and instead look at image after image of what it looks like when it looks right. Until one day you will see an image and you go... oh that is so wrong... and for the first time you will know without anyone telling you, that is wrong...

 The same way the mind believes what you tell it.. your mind believes what you see, and if all that you see is false, you begin to believe in the falseness.

Course Studies

The walk is the most complicated of all the gaits having both a diagonal and a lateral component. It is what we often refer to as a gait of healing.  Because of the intricacies of the walk, it can be the one that is most difficult to have a full and complete understanding of.  But it is the one that is perhaps most important to understand so that we can fully utilize it as a gait of health.

Where we further examine the mobility of the horse's neck especially in the gait of walk as the gait of health.

There is so much happening here at any given point in time and yet this is an area that we don't spend enough time watching, observing so that we can understand how this is something that we must allow the horse at all times.  A fully mobile back is the sign of a truly healthy horse.

The trot is our first gait of impulsion and it is here that we must strive for a purity of movement at all times so that we keep the trot as a gait of impulsion.  

We have an incredible resource available to us that we should never underestimate.  We need to value this incomparable resource that every single equestrian can benefit from.  Especially if we put healthy movement first in all of our dealings with our horses.  The wild herd uncompromised, with an endless variety of terrain to challenge the equine body yet a body uncompromised by our mistakes.

The ability of the body to make minute adjustments to bring the body back into balance.

The complicated subject of bend is probably the most intense and most complex of any and all subjects of anything that has to do physically with the horse. A subject that you will need to study for the rest of your life.  The importance of this subject cannot be overstated.

The study of movements that include bend.  This subject is covered extensively in our Healthy Movement of the Centaur Program, but we begin an introduction here of lateral movement. Interesting to understand to watch and see how the horse moves without a rider on and how he incorporates lateral movement as he plays within his own body.

Studying the shoulder of the horse.  Deserving of study because it is different in the horse then it is humans.  There is no skeletal connection in the horse for the shoulder and the front legs.  They have no collar bone and we need to understand the ramifications this has on the movement of the horse.


Discovering where the horse finds balance.  Where equilibrium lives in his body without the rider.

æquus means Equal and libra means Balance

So Aequus Libra or æquilibrium means to be in Equal Balance

Balance could and perhaps should be the defining essence of the horse.