The Conscious Horse | The Healthy Connection of the Conscious Horse

Discovering how health both physical and emotional can influence the level of conscious awareness of our horse.

The healthy horse is a conscious horse.  An unhealthy horse is not. Is not consciously aware. If nothing else disconnected from the movement that keeps him healthy. Awareness is key in any conscious endeavour and not to have awareness of your own body is so much more tragic I think in a way for the horse, much more than us. In part because too often those lost connections that these horses have is because of what we have imposed upon them.  We disconnect them from the language of movement that they are born with.  A full awareness of what is in them. But a conscious horse is healthy both physically and mentally.  An older horse can't move as well but can still play with us, delighting in teasing us with what he knows. 

So the one thing we know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that we must be sure to keep the horse healthy inside and out and that is where a lot of the answers lie in having, keeping, restoring the conscious horse.