The Conscious Horse | The Danger of the Unconscious Rider

We need to address the concept of the unconscious rider.  Who with little awareness, limits or sadly causes damage unknowingly.  What we must understand first is that this is all of us. It does no good to point fingers at others because all of us are on this journey. To raise our awareness, our sensitivity, our consciousness. None of us has gotten to the end yet. None of us are perfect and ALL of us love our horses.  All of us are the unconscious rider to some varying degree.  So where we all need to start is acknowledging that and focus on how we can help. And first we have to start on ourselves.

Those with little sympathy, empathy, awareness go through their lives hurting others without ever knowing.  Sadly probably hurting themselves as well. Never being able to grow because they are lost in what they can't know. But more than this when it comes to the horses, the unconscious rider does things he would never do if had a greater awareness. More sensitivity to the damage he was causing to this brilliant child of the earth that we call a horse.

You see a common pattern in those who are not fully alive and aware and one of those is to treat the horse like he didn't have a mind or a voice.  Or if he does he shouldn't, not his job to say no, only to say yes no matter what is asked of him.  

Another pattern that we see is the rider, thinks I have never met you before and that doesn't matter, I absolutely insist you hold still while I climb on your body. 

The pattern one where we don't think maybe we should get to know each other first.  

No thought that maybe it might help if the horse knew he could trust you. 

And then those riders claim how much their horses love them, when they haven't yet even tried to get the horse to like them.