The Conscious Horse | The Danger of the Unconscious Horse

There needs to be a rise in awareness not only the limitations created when working with the unconscious horse but also many inherent dangers.  Not just a danger to the horse, but dangerous to us as well.  

Make no mistake there is danger here with the unconscious horse.  The danger involved depends. Depends upon the horse.  Each like us are individuals and where one person retreats into a shell trying to hide so that no one notices them, the next person lashes out ready to fight with anyone.  This is just as true with our horses as it is for us.  To work with or ride with the unconscious horse is dangerous. Truly dangerous. 

Those that retreat are quick to spook completely unaware it seems of what exists around them. Or perhaps it is stress that has them ready to jump out of their skins.  Those who become combative can be even more dangerous, although so few of us ever see these and people are quick to send them away where in all likelihood they will end up as meat on some table somewhere. But between those two extremes live a host of issues and problems that we have to deal with, because we are dealing with an unconscious horse. And if you are wondering how they get to be like this, let us be honest they are not born like this and no horse that runs wild can afford to be this either.  The responsibility it seems rests on us.