The Conscious Horse | How We Can Limit ot Destroy Awareness in the Horse

Limiting the conscious awareness of the horse is in many ways to destroy his spirit.  You take away what he could be.  A terrible price for him to pay for our own limitations or a lack of our own awareness.

"If you want to get a sense of how it is to see this way, experiment a bit with a wagging finger, or a pencil or something similar – seeing it only on the outer edge of your peripheral vision.  You will notice whether something is there, and whether it moves, but you will not necessarily be able to immediately categorize and analyze it.  This is how horses see at almost every point in their field of vision.  If you do this little exercise with a partner and hold your head rigid, you will be able to get a sense of the state of mind of a horse that has a head and neck that are not free but rather, are being restrained.  You are practically forced to be in a continual state of fearful tension." Imke Spilker from Empowered Horses