The Conscious Horse | How to Raise Conscious Awareness of the Horse

Once you are convinced that it is only the conscious horse that you want to work with, there arises the question - how do we do this?  How do we help the horses in our life become more consciously aware themselves?  This is just an introduction to the subject because much of what comes after this is designed assuming that it is only the conscious horse that we want to work with.

"Talking to children provides one of the most effective forms of stimulus for child mental development. Research has shown when parents interact with the child a great deal; there is better cognitive, social and emotional development in children, leading to better skills at mathematics, enhanced reasoning and self-expression."

Now imagine for a moment a child that only gets interaction with their parent, a caregiver, anyone for only one hour a day.  What do you think would happen to their cognitive and social development.  Do you think it would be the same as a child that gets that interaction throughout the day?

Left alone 23 hours of the day what happens to your social skills? What happens to that part of your brain?  What happens to those skills of mathematics, enhanced reasoning and self-expression?



"Genetically, infants are born with a defined cognitive framework, but it is the sights and sounds of experience that help them reach their particular genetic potential. Brain growth is ignited and occurs when the senses are stimulated. From birth until about 8 years of age, the young brain is particularly primed to learn and create connections."

The key here is stimulation.