♔ Kjrsos Field of Study - Supporting the Conscious Horse

The Conscious Horse is Working In Full Awareness. A Joyful Awareness. Of Himself. Of His Body. Of The World He Lives In. And those lives that share his worldMaking him Unique as a Horse. That can be Teacher, Guide, and so much more.

Working with the Conscious Horse is a completely different experience.  One that can be staggering in the implications of the changes that it can bring to what happens between the two of us.

But this is not an off and on switch.  There are gentle graduations from the Unconsicous Horse to the Fully Vibrantly Aware Conscious Horse that is at the top of his game and can engage with us at a completely different level becoming the guide and teacher that has always been his birthright. It is up to us whether we diminish or augment the horse that we are with.  Therefore our responsibility to ensure that the horses we are with can reach this.

Course Studies

Why We Need the Conscious Horse - What this means to them and to us.

The blessing of the conscious horse.

Discovering how health both physical and emotional can influence the level of conscious awareness of our horse.

Once you are convinced that it is only the conscious horse that you want to work with, there arises the question - how do we do this?  How do we help the horses in our life become more consciously aware themselves?  This is just an introduction to the subject because much of what comes after this is designed assuming that it is only the conscious horse that we want to work with.

Limiting the conscious awareness of the horse is in many ways to destroy his spirit.  You take away what he could be.  A terrible price for him to pay for our own limitations or a lack of our own awareness.

There needs to be a rise in awareness not only the limitations created when working with the unconscious horse but also many inherent dangers.  Not just a danger to the horse, but dangerous to us as well.  

We need to address the concept of the unconscious rider.  Who with little awareness, limits or sadly causes damage unknowingly.  What we must understand first is that this is all of us. It does no good to point fingers at others because all of us are on this journey. To raise our awareness, our sensitivity, our consciousness. None of us has gotten to the end yet. None of us are perfect and ALL of us love our horses.  All of us are the unconscious rider to some varying degree.  So where we all need to start is acknowledging that and focus on how we can help. And first we have to start on ourselves.

This is about the horse. About how we and our horses need to live in a space where the energy there supports us.  How we need to learn that the energy we and others bring - disturbs us, disturbs the horse.  Where he lives makes a difference. Perhaps far more than you realize.  Here for a moment, we are going to pause and discuss how many horses live, in corrals and stalls, in a barn with many different people, with different personalities and different ideas on what is right for the horse and discuss what this does to him just to be there, to live like this.


This is his strength.  This is his power.  Understanding the importance of where he lives for the fully conscious and aware horse.