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Program: Healing the Damaged Horse
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Course: The Illusion
Level 2 & 3
Level 2 Recognition | Level 3 Healing
Prerequisite Level 1 Completed

Healing The Damaged Horse | Limitations of Work in Hand

I had a friend that told me this, so many years ago but I don't think I believed it until I experienced it myself.

She spoke of words of power, of unimagined strength when we place hands onto reins when our feet are on the ground.

I knew my strengths and I knew my weaknesses.  My hands, the delicacy I could apply to them on the rein, was the reason for how good I was, so I knew to be careful.  I knew to take care.

We are so powerful when we stand with two feet on the ground.  Having a strength and a power that few realize as we try to influence the horse. Thank you to Cynthia for this lesson. This then creates a challenge to us all.  Challenges and Limitations