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Program: Healing the Damaged Horse
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Course: The Illusion
Level 2 & 3
Level 2 Recognition | Level 3 Healing
Prerequisite Level 1 Completed

Healing The Damaged Horse | A Diagnostic Tool - The Hooves

The concept that we need to trim hooves to help the horse move better is intrinsic in the equestrian culture.  A knowledgeable farrier worth his weight in gold for his knowledge on how to adjust angles, to correct hooves that are misaligned to create better movement in the horse.

All of this based on a concept that the hooves make the movement.

One is almost tempted to cry BS!  

The idea that with careful snipping here and there that we will change how the horse moves is just plain silly.  If not a little preposterous.  The hooves don't make the movement. Movement makes the hooves and not realizing that we eliminate one of the best diagnostic tools that we have available. 

Think about this for a moment.  

If our changes in the hooves changed the way the horse moved then we wouldn't need the farrier to come back, again and again and again to correct and change angles, the movement corrected the hooves would be correct and we would eliminate the need for a farrier.

More than this we need to accept that every horse is an individual.   Not carbon copies.  Each horse having a different conformation, different movement, is it so hard to accept that this means that their hooves will be different as well.  Each unique.

Also, we need to accept that they are not perfect and that there may be reasons why their ankles and hence hooves take a different direction.

The hooves are a diagnostic tool.  Designed and shaped by the way the horse moves, by the ground that he covers.

When the hooves change shape, angle, direction because of how the horse moves and not because he is forced to by hacking away at this feet, that is when we know we are getting it right. 

But we must be careful and remember to accept there may be reasons that you are unaware of that this horse has certain needs that are made with a different angle.