KJRSOS field of Study

The Secret Ingredient
The Conscious Horse

The Surprise Of

Kjrsos Is...

The Conscious Horse can teach what the unconscious horse can never show us.  Just note what experience you have with any one horse is completely dependent upon the conscious health of the horse that you are with



Course Prerequisite:


The first book of the horses.

The Experience of SO THAT WE CAN SEE a preparation to get us ready for what is here. Getting us ready for our next evolution. The Third Beginning

Our choice if we pick up their challenge. And if we can find the answers... you will never be able to look at horses or your life the same way again.

The Second Beginning preparing us for the THIRD


"If the work is not joyful & transformative... you've missed the lesson of the horse"

You've missed the lesson of life.

Next Steps
The Kjrsos Experience Level 1- Connection

If interested in learning more, in starting your journey with Kjrsos, in learning together what the horses have to teach us, and join those who feel the way that you do about our horses. 

Check out availability of  Kjrsos Online Program: Level 1 - The Kjrsos Experience

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Thousands of years before... 

before the word horse ⋅ cheval ⋅ pferd ⋅ cavallo ⋅ Кінь ⋅ caballo ⋅ ceffyl ⋅ лошадь ⋅ Koń ⋅ häst ⋅ Paardrijden ⋅ cavalo ⋅ equus ....  came into existence - first,

First came the word Kjrsos