♔ KJRSOS Rider's Field of Study | Finding Connection ~ Healthy Movement of the Centaur Body

This is the study of under the parameters of what is healthy movement for the horse, what is healthy when we introduce a rider into the equation.  When we no longer are just talking about the horse and healthy movement, but the horse/rider combination, a new creature, one combined from two, this new physical structure demanding different parameters to ensure the health of the horses.  

This is where we speak of bend not lean, collection and the need for the horse not to be on his forehand and why.


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Course Studies

Where do we want the weight to be supported from?  Three Levels. Front, Center, Back and what does this look like in the horse.

Bend vs Lean

The why, the how and the what.  The effect upon the horse and why would you choose one above the other.

Covering everything from change of bend, what we want to see in the horse/human combo when we any kind of turn.  Based on Foundation Principle To Move Into Our Hand

A discussion on tracking up, overtracking and are we focusing on the wrong thing?  Rather than worrying about overtracking or tracking up that this, as everything is, is about balance.  Sweet exquisite balance of the horse/rider. The centaur combination.  The horse needs to step into the specific spot that balances what is above.  He needs to step into the center of balance to lift it up into power.

Trot has always been known as the gait of training.  Here is where we can influence,  change so much of what is the horse. In part because there is so much variation that we can play with here.  Some think that we are limited to collected, working, extended trot.  But to think that is to limit the brilliance of all that can be found here. Access to the horse's body where we can control tempo, bend, reach and so much more. And even beyond that all the variances that we can find when we combine this pure diagonal gait with different movements and endless combinations of movements giving us yet another level of discovery and help the horse build another level of access that even he might be surprised by.

What is right, wrong, when, where, from the perspective of the horse's body.

Our horses are powerful.  Easy for them to leap and play.  But we have to make sure that when we are a part of this, that how and what we do is healthy for the horses.  And more, make sure he wants to be a part of this.

This is in essence a non-category, not something that we study but something that we encourage you not to study.

The Hand Gallop is a gait that many do not utilize.  Often not understanding the difference between the hand gallop and the gallop that we see with a horse speeding down the final turn at the racetrack.  So many people miss out on this wonderful gait.

Helping riders recognize different instances of anticipation that we build into the horses, which in turn brings limitations into the work that we do with our horses without even our awareness.