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Dedicated to understanding the complexity of the aids that ask for bend. This is where the rider has the most difficulty in the transition from passenger to rider when we begin to direct the energy of the horse.  A bridge we need to help riders cross, maximizing the lessons that come before and that come after.


The Right Starting Point

If we don't start with the correct basic thoughts and ideas behind what we are doing or what we are trying to achieve. Understanding especially why we want to achieve them, we can only fail, no matter how expert the instruction that we might receive.

Too many times we look at the aids especially at the rein aids as absolutes. As if the horse has preprogrammed buttons that ensure that every time you use a rein aid in a certain way that you will get a consistent result. This is an assumption that we build our horsemanship upon.  True throughout the ages.  Think for a moment about any book on horsemanship.  The instructions detailed, and possibly diagrams showing which aids you should use for a shoulder-in, versus the aids you would use to achieve a canter.  The movement or gait described and then you are given a preprogrammed set of aids. Use this one set of aids and you will get a shoulder-in, use this set and your horse will canter, use this set of aids and your horse will go into a reinback.  Of course, this is true to some extent, we do rely on certain aids to achieve certain results.  But this concept, or this idea can limit us as well.

Many years ago I had covered many articles that had been covering showing horses ridden without bridles, I was lying in bed one morning day dreaming of climbing up on my one horse, started, green but already in a beautiful carriage and draping a cordoba around his neck and riding off into the sunset.