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In every day there is a moment. A moment that can only be described as golden.  They can be hard to find, and sometimes if you are lucky there is more than one, but that comes very rarely, like a rainbow that can surprise never knowing when it will be coming.

We miss these moments.  These moments of gold.  Where we see something and somehow it glows and touches our hearts for the beauty that it holds.

A special sunrise, a sunset of pure gold.  A butterfly that delights by landing right next to you, as you sit watching in delight. 

It can be something so incredibly simple like the way the light of the sun going done highlights the white of dandelions gone to seed and somehow brings pure beauty to the moment.

Nature is full of these moments of beauty.  Waiting for us to see her. To delight in how beautiful that she can be.

A moment that if we are smart we begin to watch for, go looking for every day.

They can be found in the mist of rain, in the swirl of snow but often easier to find especially at first in the special light we find in the first light of morning, or the last light of the day.  

But they are often wasted, never found, because we never open our eyes to see them in the first place. And often because we are never outside to see them in the first place.

Something special happens when we begin to find these golden moments. When we hold onto them. When we start to collect them in our hearts.  When we think about them throughout the day.

So this is your challenge. To spend your next day, to spend time looking for your own golden moment.

To find a single moment that brings this feeling of contentment, of delight. 

Just make sure when you find it to stop, delight, thank the universe for this moment of beauty.

Don't worry if it takes time to find them, maybe widen your search, go looking further afield places maybe a little less populated. But when you do find it. Just enjoy it.

Now the challenge is to do this for the next 90 days.

To find at least one every single day if you can.  And to celebrate each when you do.

To just be thankful when you are blessed to have one.

This is something that you can just enjoy for yourself or if you wish try to grab a picture, and share them with us each day.  

And together we can enjoy those special moments that we are each finding.

This might sound like such a simple thing and in a way it is. But we challenge you to accept this challenge and be surprised how this simple beginning can begin to change things.

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