Nature's Walks

Finding the Connections that we have lost  and healing ourselves & the world in the process.

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About Us

The healing of the horses has to live in their connection to nature and the world that they live in.  They can amplify, connect us, be the bridge between us.  But the opposite is true as well.  The healing found in the horses can be found in nature and lead us where we can be closer to the horses.

Seasonal ~ Always Changing

Life morphs constantly, every changing, always ready to surprise us no matter what we have experienced before.

The Path

The path waiting to see if you are ready to explore.  Ready to go in a new direction.  Ready to be surprised by what be around the next bend.

The Visitor

We come to visit, rarely to stay but we can learn how to take what is here and make it a part of us and  take it with us everywhere.

The Natural World

Rediscovering how we are part of something more.

Part of a Whole

Do we remember what this feels like?

Restorative & Healing

Healing one, heals another ~ a wonderful gift that we give each other.  It passes on endlessly once started.  It matters not which one is the first, or in what order.  Horses, nature/life or us.