So now, it is time to start the experience that is Kjrsos. The Kjrsos Experience, 'So That We Can See.'

There are many different ways that you can proceed as always the choice is yours as only you can know what is best for you and your own personal journey.

You may find that for you, quantum wakening doesn't seem to do what it can do for others, and that is fine. It isn't an easy gift to find, and you may need more assistance than what we have given here.

Trying to condense as much as possible so that you can start your journey with the book 'So That We Can See.' sooner rather and later there is so much we have left out. In no way do we expect that with a few lines, this is a skill that you can develop instantly just by reading. Our hope more that with this beginning that your experience of 'So That We Can See.' can be augmented in the way we believe it was meant to be.



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