Creating Yesterday

Creating connections to yesterday.  An exercise to bring purposefulness into today.

Awareness creeps in and we engage in that strange transition.  That moment where we find awareness again and we slowly wake from a deep sleep.  We leave the confusion of dreams behind and in these first moments we have an opportunity to define the day that is to come and to prepare ourselves for what we want to bring to it.

And in this first moment between one of the best ways to great this new day is to say and feel the thought that 'Today is going to be a wonderful day.'

As sleep has tendrils on our awareness we bring our attention to the day before this.

There always repercussions to the energy that we bring to anything.  You can think of it like waves of energy that ripple along the surface of pond where a single stone was dropped.  Waves of energy that influence, go beyond the stone. And that is true of everything.