Should I become a Teacher?

Those that could best serve the rest of us, too rarely realize their value. Perhaps not understanding the most important qualities that one needs to become a truly effective guide and teacher. Perhaps not understanding they are exactly the ones we need that can bring about real change and help us create something wonderful out of what is here.

What would it mean to become a teacher?

Are you the ones we seek.

Should I become a Teacher/Guide?

Can I Become a Teacher?

Should I Consider Becoming a Teacher?

When Should I Start Teaching?

What Should I Teach?

How do I know How to Position/Market Myself?

How do I Become an Effective Teacher?

It helps if there is someone challenging you, to expand, to take another look, to believe in yourself, to provide you with invaluable insights, to inspire you, and maybe, maybe just believe that this is in you to do.

Because the first step is as always you have to believe.  In this case believe in yourself. Because if you don't have that confidence, than nothing can be passed from what is so brilliant inside of you.

So what limiting beliefs do you have?  I know this can be a hard question to answer out loud. Hard to share with others. Hard to share often with yourself. But to not share is to leave it buried in  your heart and will limit what you can become for others.  The job that you were created for to accomplish on this earth.

Do you have limiting beliefs about being a leader?

Are you afraid of a backlash When what you teach might be different-?

Do you have limiting beliefs about money, always worried about how much you should charge?

Are you just worried that you don't know enough?

Are you just worried that you don't know enough? 

We are looking for adventurers and we know this is you.  Someone willing who is willing to change a culture, change the norms, introduce concepts that are new and different. But you have to know it is important that you face the fact that you will face resistance. Most, around 80%, will always be skeptical and want to see someone else try it first.  If you think or try to reach this part of the audience you will fail and use valuable resources in the process. 

So if new, wonderful, amazing ideas or concepts need to land, they need to find a home among those that we call early adopters.  Those that are willing to look or try something before it has been proven out. They are the adventurers, the truth seekers.  If they have a positive experience, they will share that with everyone else.  They are willing to be the ones to try it first.

Age and Teachers.... this is different and I think creates part of the problem of those who might be interested in teaching even part time.  Because the society we have created is that we take on our new roles normally early in our years... we go to school and we have to choose what we are about to become.  Just a couple of years out of high school and then depending what college we have chosen and there we are defined by what schooling we have taken.  And some have to do that coming right out of high school. Decide who they are to become. 

Are you a teacher, lawyer, doctor, cashier, mechanic... this is how we determine who you are.  This is how we define each other.

And really in this field that isn't really possible although some try.  But it is next to impossible to have the level of experience that one needs to become a teacher in this field in a few short years. 

It is  not just knowledge or confidence that stops so many from taking this up.  It can be one of many limiting beliefs.  And one that we frequently see others struggle with especially when they don't believe in themselves and what they have to share is what they are worth to others.

Why we teach is the question.  And there are many different answers. 

But the best answer is that... It can be for the most selfish of reasons.