♔ Should I Become A Teacher/Guide

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Those that could best serve the rest of us, too rarely realize their value. Perhaps not understanding the most important qualities that one needs to become a truly effective guide and teacher. Perhaps not understanding they are exactly the ones we need that can bring about real change and help us create something wonderful out of what is here.

What would it mean to become a teacher?

Are you the ones we seek.

What is unique and special in you or we could have asked, what is in you, that the world needs, would benefit from if you shared what is there inside.  What is there that the rest of us living in the world are poorer for you not having shared that with us. Helping each of us discover that uniqueness, specialness, that is there that we might not fully are aware of.  What is in our heart and in our spirit is the true gift you bring when you choose to become a guide or teacher. 

How you can bring an outstanding difference to life and the world around us.

This course to help you discover what is inside and help you bring it out and make it more powerful and stronger. Allowing incredible changes to come about because you found something that almost seems magical inside of you.

"I haven't really thought about an end goal more than I just want to deepen my practice. I want to know more, I want to do better for the people and the horses." Carol


One of the most important things that you can do, is to learn what your super power is.  What is it that comes from you that makes you unique.  And how that uniqueness makes you different or special but when you teach to it, makes you so much more effective and powerful.