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What is a core competency?

This concept originally was one applied to a business.  The one thing that, that business did well.  What service they could offer because they had all the resources needed to do well in the market they were in.

Today when we think core competency we sometimes are referring to the individual.  And in this case we are talking about what they are good at. What pieces put together makes them provide good services that make them good at what they do. A good doctor is someone who has the subset of skills and knowledge he needs to do his job.  Those become his core competencies.  

Different instructors tend to have the same core competencies. Knowledge of horses and riding is frequently most instructors core competency.  Some extend this into veterinarian knowledge, some into subjects such as clicker training, some into saddle fitting, some into animal communication.  But for many this is where it ends.  Few think of developing the skillsets involved in other core competencies that others who are in business take for granted. Perhaps because few see themselves as someone needing business skills. 

Many just start as riders and move into teaching, often because they want to work with the horses that they love so much.