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When we began looking for what to call what it is that we do, and who we are, there is no better answer than the word horse.  The one who has the answers.  We asked ourselves so which word representing horse do we use, the French, the German, the Spanish, the Italian, or..  and why would we use one before the other.  Then we discovered there was a language that came before any of them. 

Our job, our purpose is to heal the horse.  

To protect what is there, to heal what has already been damaged, to encourage free-flowing powerful movement without restrictions, without limitations.

To welcome and protect their voice. 

To gently ask for the privilege of their friendship.

To respect the wisdom they hold.

To be the protector. To be the teacher.  To be the student forever more.




Three simple levels.

1.✹ Creating Awareness

2. ⚛ Finding Potential

3. ⚜ Discovering Possibilities


Not everyone who takes these courses will become a Kjrsos Guide, but hopefully all will find this is of value and bring change in their lives.

What you can Expect 

At the end of this course is that at the end that together we will have a greater appreciation and understanding of the role of the horse in our evolving consciousness. That your own evolving consciousness will be heightened. That you have clarity on how you can continue on this journey of awareness and consciousness and perhaps some idea of what you can do in the support of a healthier world. And it goes without saying that in the process you will have discovered how to have an incredible relationship with the horses, the knowledge to help heal those horses that need help and the ability to hear those that are here to help us, and if you ride, well this is how you become the centaur that you always dreamed about.


We offer instructor programs for those who want to go on to teach others how to ride exquisitely from the very beginning and also for those who will never teach others to climb on a horse's back ever but instead see the possibilities that exist when we bring human and horse together whether that is in an Equine Assisted Learning or Facilitated Program or in a meditation or mindfulness program. The possibilities are actually endless.

Yet the more any of us learn, the more perhaps we can be surprised to discover how inter-related these studies might possibly be. 'Your choice' to what extent you wish to specialize in certain Fields of Study and how you may want to combine the areas of study available. Yet we may gently suggest that you consider certain fields that you may not have previously considered relevant. The instructor who teaches someone to climb on the back of the horse may see little value in our mindfulness programs, only to discover that perhaps there is more here than they ever realized and the instructor who is eager to become involved with an equine-assisted learning program may see little value in studying the Healthy Movement of the Horse and both would end up missing something.

There are a lot of reasons for this, but here is an example to consider.

If you haven't already read Missing Pieces Abridged which you can find it here.   Some of the key concepts that it speaks about is that you cannot separate who you are, what your beliefs are, who you are as a human being and your horsemanship. Yes, technical knowledge is essential, but these are just tiny pieces of the whole.

Because you are relating and interacting with something that is alive. 

Knowing how to change the oil on a car, is satisfying but probably won't change you nor will the car be watching you, trying to decide how much to trust you, trying to figure out who you are, what you are. Your attitudes, your beliefs, your feelings have little effect on the car or the oil, or the dipstick or the other technical aspects of changing the oil in a car. And that is the point, this information, these pieces of knowledge while valuable are just technical aspects of horsemanship. A few facts that are only a little part of the whole.

Horsemanship is about more.

If your very first step of piaffe is perfection then you can know that all the pieces that went into place before, did what they needed to do.  Prepare the horse for the balance, the strength, the carriage of piaffe long before you ever took your first step.  

If the very first stride of a walk to trot transition, leaps forward, lifts gloriously into the air with a free, open and powerful stride, then you know as an instructor that you have put all the right pieces into the hands of the beginner rider.

Thoughtful Development means that we prepare.  We prepare our horses, our riders for success.  The more knowledge that we have, the more likely that we can make those first steps amazing.  It is when we struggle that we know that we still have so much to learn.  Any failure of the horse, is actually our failure in preparation, in development, in our lack of knowledge, a missing piece that we have yet to find.  

It can not be overstated how important thought spent in time off the horse is.  The time spent studying, analyzing, trying to figure it all out is some of the most important time you will spend for your horse, for yourself.


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