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Kjrsos is... 

Kjrsos is… about the horse... 

"These horses [running free] are so incredibly alive. 

Their sensitivity, their awareness, their openness to being aware, connected to everything is so invigorating, inspiring. I think that is why I feel so incredibly connected to life and nature when I am with them here along the lakes, but sadly the opposite is so true when I am with other horses.  It breaks my heart how shut down they are in comparison.  How turned off they are. It actually hurts to be around them sometimes. 

But change is possible.  

One rider astounded with what these new ways of working with her horse has done for her horse, stood in the centre of the arena watching her horse moving forward in an invigorating bold trot, and began softly crying, tears quietly coursing down her face and said softly into the silence as we watched: "He has come alive!"  

Including physically ~ he has turned into a different horse.  So much so that those who now see him today don't even recognize him.  Even with her standing right beside him.  They have no idea who he is. Not only does he look completely differently physically, he moves, carries himself completely differently, with such incredible pride and awareness. No wonder no one recognizes him. The transformation has begun."

 The tears were tears of joy because he was so beautiful, so incredibly fully alive in that moment. 


The tears were tears of sadness for the damage that she had caused never knowing, never understanding, what she had inadvertently taken away from her horses through the years, tears for not letting them be fully gloriously alive.

Alive. <sigh> 

It is time that we give that back to every horse.

 At one time, I was just as sad, thinking there was nothing I could do.  My heart broke wanting so desperately to give that back to every horse.  

But today I make a different pledge and I feel hope, not sadness.  

"I stand for the horse."

Let's help them once again be fully, gloriously, joyfully alive.

Abridged From a book of the horses - ' So that We Can See'  - The second beginning