The first Kjrsos Experience is reading the book So That We Can See.

We hope you will come join us in many more experiences, in celebrating the joy that is Kjrsos and take that next first step.  Join with us in the first step of the Third Beginning.

We look forward to meeting you, to sharing the other stories that the horses have shared that we have yet to cover.  While at the same time share the stories behind the stories including sharing pictures and videos of Shadow, the cream and white mare and the sleeping herd.

Perhaps we can help you discover how you can become a chosen one, with a deep rich relationship with your horse. A bonding so complete that a single glance speaks of a gentle connection, not just communication.

Helping you discover how to identify, help heal and value what it means to work with the Conscious Horse. More discover how only the conscious horse can be the true teacher that we can't do without. We are helpless as guides and teachers if there is no horse that can teach the lessons that there are to teach.

As humans, we can share information and knowledge which has some value. But only the horses can help you experience what is possible and without those experiences, knowledge has nothing to hang onto, no guiding reference on how to apply it.

And of course, it is only through them can you discover how to interact and play together where we learn the lessons in real-time of how Movement is a Language and This is Us Becoming Them so that they can truly work free from us in all of their own glorious power and brilliance while teaching us what it means to truly find connection with another living being.

Discover how much joy there is to be had in sharing Kjrsos with others. Perhaps consider becoming a Kjrso Guide so that you can aid the horses as they try to show us the next level, the next steps, the next experience that brings us up that next level.