The Search for Non-Existence

This exercise is a mystery in many ways as the end result we want is failure. We know we have been successful when we have failed.

As humans from the time we are born, we scream to be seen, to be heard, to be recognized.

As a baby, we need attention, we get hungry, and we want you to see us, to hear us, to come and to fill an empty belly, to wrap warm arms around us as we lay there terrified to be alone.

More than this, your willingness to not exist is a powerful statement to the universe and to yourself.

There is a harmony here. I can hear it. Echoes of what was to come two decades later when I first entered the field to take pictures of their lives.

Becoming a Kjrsos instructor requires that you understand not only the individual tasks and exercises but everything that we can do to ensure that first tries have some success.  This is how we can best protect the horse when beginners know how to do it right before the very first step.  This is how we protect the horse's body when his body gets to be gloriously free and powerful from the very beginning. 

Here in the exercise of non-existence that is just as true as anywhere else, although this is the one task that instant feedback from the horses provides all the information that is needed by the human on how successful or how poorly they are doing and that something needs to change. The horse is the guide and there is no need for another.  Which is of course brilliant as there is no concern what biases as humans we might bring in to the process.  You know everything that you learn is true. A first-principles exercise.

But there are things that we can do to prepare the human so that what comes next has more chance of success from the very beginning.

A New Beginning was specifically designed for that. 

Each section, each question, a simple basic introduction to concepts that we will expand upon further on, but we were well aware that no one would be willing to stay away from their horses while taking in-depth lessons and the time that would take. So this New Beginning Course Series is a simplified version of what we will cover later.

So here step by step we introduce exercises to increase the possibility of at least the beginning of the changes that if you take will ensure this first measurement of your success as determined by the horses has the outcome that we all hope for.  

Just know that while we do all that we can to prepare everyone for the most likelihood of success that at the same time these are skills that can take years to develop.  Also that they require commitment, something that you need to continually work on if you hope to progress. Also this like so many of our exercises changes depending on the level that you are at when you employ them.  The wonder and magic that you will find five years from now will be at a completely different experience than what you will find today. There is so much joy in experiencing that, each time the process progresses as you reach a new level of awareness.  Awareness that is raised up by the experiences themselves.  Which is again almost magical that the experience itself brings a greater level of awareness, while the greater level of awareness will bring about a more surprising and rewarding experience.


The brilliance of what Kjrsos is, is how we are shown how simple really all of this is.  Simple ideas. Simple tasks that utilized bring such wonderful new understanding and nowhere is that more true than here in The Task of Non-Existence.