The Case For Non-Existence

These are two friends that travel together.

Where one goes so does the other. 

Freedom and Awareness bound together.

As we free ourselves, awareness can creep in. Awareness having the possibility to exist only when we clear the way.

We free our hearts of expectations, of thinking that we know the truth of a matter and we clear the way for awareness to show us what is really there.

We free the horse from the impediment that is us and our awareness grows as we find him. But only because we allowed that possibility to exist when we no longer insist that what is in us, is what was right to start with.

The more we free the horse the more awareness grows. The more we see what is really there.

The more we free our hearts, the more potential exists.

We need to free the horses.

We need to free us.

And then awareness can flow into the space we have freed up.