♔ Kjrsos Rider's Field of Study ❂ Surprising Transformation


Transformation using the concept of surprise to liberate the horse into a new balance.  To liberate into a higher state of dynamic potential.  The Greeks have this amazing word which means surprise and can also mean spot check.  We don't hold our horse, or pull our horses into a higher state of potential or a higher state of collection and balance, we challenge them.  We use surprise as a spot check a moment to test the horse against his own body, to see if he is prepared, if he is in a state of balance, a state of potential, (κατάσταση δυναμικού pronounced katástasi dynamikoú

Katastasi, state, dynamikou, potential, dynamic potential.




Surprise, spotcheck


The challenge in surprising, challenging the horse is at times it needs to be subtle just gently pointing out that the current potential state is not prepared for what might come next, one moment but sometimes there comes a time where a real challenge can create a very real change, a new awareness in our horses. 



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This is such an important subject.  This movement the base of everything that is to follow, this is where you will live for the rest of the equestrian journey.  It can be a direct path to piaffe, pirouettes and so much more. 


Course: The Shoulder-In

Curriculum: The Foundation

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