We Start In The Quiet

I dream of a place of quiet where the soul can rest and delight in the endless life that abounds. Where we bring peace to each other's soul. Where we do everything we can to minimize our touch not to disturb the lives of those others who call this home. Where quiet is the mainstay. Because that has been the lesson all along.



"I empathize with both sides of this issue. I believe disconnecting from the Internet and immersing oneself in nature is good for the mind and the soul. But on the other hand, no one is forcing you to connect to WiFi and it could be useful in the event of an emergency..." Richard Bernabe


There is a discussion to be had here.  

Because once we realize that everything is energy and everything is impinging upon our awareness for attention and if we are about finding and feeling that delicate touch that is nature, of those lives that are not us, we also have to realize that we are naturally attuned to those energies that look like us. 

Course Studies

Here we examine our hearts, question ourselves, being truthful maybe for the very first time what is it that we want from the horse.  And then we ask the question, is what we want, fair? Is it time to pick something else that might be more conducive for us and for the horses that we profess to love so much. It is time to pick our first want. That thing we want more than anything else for our horses.

Clearing that which is in us.

If what comes first is not true, what follows leads us other than where we need to go.