First check out the section called your Personal Pages in the Main Menu.  The main menu can be found in the box that follows you around that is always present in the left-hand corner. Check out your Training Diary or the My Notes section, both are places where you can add notes that will be saved for you here online.

There are two different ways to leave notes online.  

For single pages, you will see a cogwheel on the right side. Click on it to begin and create you new page.  You will notice it looks very much like a normal word document with options to include images and will show you how to add video as well. 

For places where multiple pages are housed, you might see a list especially once you have created any number of pages. 

Admin, Edit, New are the main buttons you need to consider.

New does the obvious and allow you to create a new page.

Each page is created in the back end in two parts.  The one admin, the other content. This is where the Admin and Edit button refers to.  Please note each need to be saved separately. So if you need to save information that you have changed in both parts, you will need to save twice in each section.