It is easy to give a gift subscription!

1. Logout if you are currently logged in.

2. Click on Create an Account

3, Create a new registration filling in the name and information for the recipient of your gift!  Use their name and email. 

4. Write down the username and password you create.  Have some fun! Be as creative as you want.  You can include your name so that they always think of you, every time they sign in, or include their worse riding fault,  Heels Down, or say Thank You for them being a part of your life.

5. Login with the username and password that you just created.

6. Pick out the gift that you want to share.

7. Go to the checkout once you have picked out the perfect gift.

8. Pay using your own information.

9. Make sure you share the username and password that you created for full access.

10. Share your Gift!!


In just a few minutes, you can send the gift of your choice to anyone, anywhere in the world.  A gift that can speaks to everyone.


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