It can be difficult to understand until you experience it for yourself that the reason you have a completely different experience from another person taking exactly the same course is based o the horse that shares this journey with you.

The best experience requires first and foremost the sensitive and aware conscious horse. One whose voice is active. One whose voice is heard.

This is first and foremost the most important element beyond which you will be stuck and unable to progress. An unconscious horse not only cannot teach, but can be dangerous as well. Being able to evaluate and recognize the unconscious horse allows us to know what the horse needs from us.

If we don't do a correct evaluation, we will be working against the horse and the horse will always be working against us.

So this is where we start.  The study of the Conscious Horse.

How to protect, how to help, how to support and how to activate.

Once we have the right teacher, everything flows from that.