How to Get the Best Experience

How to get the best experience from what is here covers so many different ideas.  Do we mean physically, emotionally, or spiritually or all three?  Hopefully, it should be obvious we mean all three. 

What should be obvious as well, that you will get out of what follows, what you put into it.  So everything that follows is in all ways is up to you. 


It can be difficult to understand until you experience it for yourself that the reason you have a completely different experience from another person taking exactly the same course is based o the horse that shares this journey with you.

The best experience requires first and foremost the sensitive and aware conscious horse. One whose voice is active. One whose voice is heard.

This is first and foremost the most important element beyond which you will be stuck and unable to progress. An unconscious horse not only cannot teach, but can be dangerous as well. Being able to evaluate and recognize the unconscious horse allows us to know what the horse needs from us.

If we don't do a correct evaluation, we will be working against the horse and the horse will always be working against us.

So this is where we start.  The study of the Conscious Horse.

How to protect, how to help, how to support and how to activate.

Once we have the right teacher, everything flows from that.


It so easy to read and whiz by. More likely you will give your attention to what is written if you disagree then if you agree.  But while nice if you think we have made a point that means nothing if it does not take root in your heart and what you have read has consequences, takes action in your life.

Phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, we have so many options today how to interact with what comes into our home and into our lives. If you watch this on your tablet, you might notice that many of the pages are just like reading a book and that was intentional.  Mind you to see these images on a full monitor or your TV screen is incredible and not to be missed.  A completely different experience. Not the same at all.

We have tried as well as possible within our own limitations to make this work on whatever choice you make. But the choices that you make will affect your experience. 

Much of the material that we present is resource-intensive often with larger files involved, so the limitation you have to good service could affect your experience. 

We also encourage that all other applications are closed. One so that there is no interruption which we will get into further later, but more than this so that whatever you use there are enough resources for the in-depth resources that are here.  You might find your computer stuttering or loading slowly if you don't. 

You can access us on your phone and can consult our site even while out at the barn or even in the middle of a lesson!  You can leave feedback, access our knowledge base and notes from right there which is brilliant. Or if you need to access something that you have already read you have this intensive knowledge base right there at your fingertips which is even more brilliant.  A resource for you to have instant access to whenever you need it.

If you are reading then a tablet might work best because you can cuddle down onto the couch or in bed.

But otherwise to appreciate the experience the larger the screen the better.  NO SCREEN is TOO Large!! 

Many of our classes include video, audio and sometimes music so headphones or a place where you can listen and not disturb others is important as well.

Kjrsos is created as an experience.  The experience you will have depends on you. The quality of the audio and the visually on the equipment that you watch and listen on can make a difference.