building your own
resource center

And your own online resource center.  Each class added to your subscription so that you can use this information when and how you need it.  Even if the middle of a lesson, in the middle of the arena, in the pasture out with the horses, as long as you can access your online resources. 

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Images from Kjrsos

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classes of discovery

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Thousands of years before... 

before the word horse ⋅ cheval ⋅ pferd ⋅ cavallo ⋅ Кінь ⋅ caballo ⋅ ceffyl ⋅ лошадь ⋅ Koń ⋅ häst ⋅ Paardrijden ⋅ cavalo ⋅ equus ....  came into existence - first,

First came the word Kjrsos


"If the work is not joyful & transformative... you've missed the lesson of the horse"

You've missed the lesson of life.