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The Children from the Book So That We Can See. "It isn't about something. It is about what it reveals."


'So that we can see.'

"This is a journey for a lifetime, ready to fill our lives with wonder in discovering what comes next, beyond what we can see and know and touch with our understanding and our hearts today."


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Kjrsos is to be in service, sharing knowledge, supporting, healing the voice and body of the horse, us and the earth,  thru sharing the lessons of the spirit of the horse, of Kjrsos, becoming whole once again and fulfilling our own potential of what we are capable of becoming.

"The thing that differentiates scientists is purely an artistic ability to discern what is a good idea, what is a beautiful idea, what is worth spending time on, and most importantly, what is a problem that is sufficiently interesting, yet sufficiently difficult, that it hasn't yet been solved, but the time for solving it has come now." 

Professor Savas Dimopoulos

Stanford University


The time has come.

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.”

Elon Musk

"If your very first step of piaffe is perfection then you can know that all the pieces that went into place before, did what they needed to do.  Prepare the horse for the balance, the strength, the carriage of piaffe long before you ever took your first step.  

If the very first stride of a walk to trot transition, leaps forward, lifts gloriously into the air with a free, open and powerful stride, then you know as an instructor that you have put all the right pieces into the hands of the beginner rider.

Thoughtful Development means that we prepare.  We prepare our horses, our riders for success.  The more knowledge that we have, the more likely that we can make those first steps amazing.  It is when we struggle that we know that we still have so much to learn.  Any failure of the horse, is actually our failure in preparation, in development, in our lack of knowledge, a missing piece that we have yet to find."  

From Thoughtful Development: The Study of Kjrsos

"True contact is the horse carrying the bit in his mouth, as if it didn’t exist. The same way we don’t notice a ring that sits on our finger. It is there, always there, but it does not shift, it goes where our finger goes as our fingers go flying over the keyboard of the computer, or over the notes on the piano."

From The Question of Contact

" Our aids need to flow from the movement that came before this moment, and just as unobtrusively flow into the movement that comes after.  What was just Past, is now Present, and will be in the Future. They are all one."

From the Braced Horse

The human has ALL of the responsibility of merging his body and its movement to that of the horse, its every twitch to completely follow and allow ALL movement of the horse beneath him up to and including his breathing.  The space where we place no force, no weight, no interference, no resistance or hindrance to the energy of the horse. An incredible challenge to each of us.  This is us becoming them.
This is us becoming them.
I think that is what everyone misses. 
We climbed aboard or work with them from the ground, thinking to take charge, not thinking we have to give up of ourselves.  That this is not about the horses giving themselves up to us, but us giving ourselves over to the shape, form and energy of the horse.

A new perspective that is what Kjrsos is, what it hopes to be for you, what is happening to me.

It is amazing when you tilt the axis, change the angle just a little bit, how accepted knowledge and truths and experiences are seen from a new perspective.  And that little change, that slight tilting of the head brings something new into focus.  And you begin to see with new eyes.  And something that was there all along can be seen, can finally be understood.  That is what Kjrsos is.  A new perspective, revealing new knowledge, new truths, a new way of knowing and learning. A new way of living. 

From Imagine My Surprise

"Today I would ask my riders, not to start on the horse, but off the horse.  I would have them watch in wonder at the beauty of the movement of the horse. Help them see the breathing barrel, the interplay between the drop of the hip, the back and the undulation of the neck at every stride of the walk. 

I would talk to them about the amazing entity that is Kjrsos.  What he is asking of us.  Why he is with us. How we have to allow him to have a voice and how to encourage that voice to be heard. 

I would have every rider establish a relationship with the horse and ask permission of the horse, before climbing on their backs.  I would teach them once there how to ask the horse the questions that need to be asked.  I would teach them how to listen."

From Imagine My Surprise from Volume 1 Kjrsos Online Magazine
Publication Date:

“It can only be beautiful if it is healthy at all levels.  To discover beauty begins with understanding and respecting what nature has already created.”

“Friendship is the sweet moment of finding, touching and connecting with another spark of life, that is just you multiplied.  The essence that is us in the universe.” Kjrsos

From: Training vs Relationship

"It is because of my belief in the importance of these connections among all of us that especially when we come together online that together, among our spirits, among our experiences, among our stories, that I believe that we can create something unique, exceptional, compelling; an astounding experience for all of us


We are all part of this Equestrians Quest.  Not only with each other, each one of us a light, but with these beings that we refer to as Kjrsos.  Our horses.  Welcoming all of you, man and beast to this quest - Kjrsos.

 The light in me thanks and bows to the light in you."

From Connections between Student and Teacher

"First of all let me make clear that there is no doubt in my mind that horses are incredible wise creatures and every day, I approach each horse, each new image ,with an open heart and hopefully an open mind, knowing that they have so  much to teach me, and I need to keep as many preconceived notions as I can from interfering with the learning and the lessons that they have been patiently waiting for years for me to open my eyes and heart to. They do have all the answers but sometimes those answers can surprise you."

From The Mistakes of Training in Freedom Not Yet Published, to Be Published in Kjrsos Online Magazine Volume 3

"You know it is truly fascinating to see, how all around the world almost simultaneously as if the equestrian world had held its breath and then collectively decided to look for a kinder more intelligent way of working with the horse. And across the globe, we have a new respect being shown to the horse. A respect of beginning to understand that the horse is a kind, intelligent creature in his own right and has so much more to teach us, then we will ever have to teach him.  That when you truly open up your heart and mind to this knowledge, that it is like a flower uncurling in the sunlight, and you can see the horse and the world in new range of colours that fill your heart with the same type of wonder that a child looks at  a rainbow for the very first time.

For those who have yet to experience that true childlike openness and wonder to the horse, this probably sounds like new age prose, to those who have begun to experience this simple yet majestic truth, it probably sounds like you have connected yet once again to that truth that you are finding in the horses."

From The Mistakes of Training in Freedom

Not Yet Published, To Be Published in Kjrsos Magazine - Volume 3

"The connection you establish happens from the very first moment that the horse becomes aware of you, the very first time he becomes aware of your existence.  As you cross into his vision, his first glance as a prey animal is a quick and thorough assessment.  He may look calm, but for that very first moment he is ready.  Ready to spring away, to run. The judgement, the assessment is almost instantaneous, done in a split second. From that very first moment information about you is being assessed and judgements and assumptions are made about who, and what you are. Once aware he waits.  He waits for other communication, other signals to establish how he is going to interact with you.  Communication began that very first split second that he became aware of your existence and communication will be a part of your relationship from that first moment onwards."

Excerpt from Introduction to Kjrsos ~ The Language of the Horse

"But the answer has to be to help everyone get back to this kind of horsemanship. 

You don’t have to be advanced not to hurt the horse.  You just have to follow the foundational rules of what protects the horses body. 

The problem is now that we have had our eyes and our expectations of what correct looks like, so misled, few people really understand what healthy and correct is any more."

"This is my overriding sense is that the horses are trying to communicate.  That they have a message for all of us.  A message that I don’t know that we are hearing.  Which is why we called the this component of the training system The Light of the Horses. 

It is their light, their voice, their spirit reaching out to us."

"Kjrsos. Creating freedom within the horse's movement, creating a merging between two diverse beings both physically and in conversation, creating soul lifting beauty even in a moment as enticing as a free-flowing walk or a beautifully released beginning trot."

"It is the purity, the perfection of the basics that is difficult and hence here it is that you will return again and again, to perfect, to clean, to empower. 

Think for a moment of what riding could be like if you have the knowledge, the awareness of what specific elements allow you to come closer to this perfection from the very beginning. 

This is why beginning movements and beginner riders can be riding exquisitely, beautifully from the very beginning. 

Because this is where Kjrsos lives.  This is our mandate. "

"If the work is not transformative...  you are missing something." NKing