Introduction to the Kjrsos Course | Intricacies of the Walk

 The Walk is an incredibly complicated movement.  Arguably the most complicated of any of the gaits.  The horse transitioning between diagonal, opposite, and lateral, same side, leg support.  He transitions between two and a three legs of support.  This intricacy complicates.  It complicates the timing of our aids, it complicates the flow of energies moving through the horse's body. 

Energies that we need to be able to merge with completely so that we create a true symbiosis between human and horse.  Any limitations that we create here, will follow us in all of the other gaits.  It is here that we always need to address first when we try to return healthy movement to the horse's body, here it is the easiest to reactivate patterns of movement long denied or lost.  Returning movement to the spine both in the cervical, neck, region and the back where we sit.  In the same way, it is also the easiest to limit not only the action in the walk but thereafter limit action in the other gaits.  A transition into trot can only be as good as what we bring into the transition from what lived before in the walk.



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