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Kjrsos Nature Retreat/Workshop 1 - First Steps/A New Start
Guided Introduction to Your First Kjrsos Experience

Clinic: Creating Connections

Oct. 9, 10 & 11th – Friday 4pm – Sunday Noon

A New Start Created As We Learn to Discover the Connections that Exist & those that we can learn to create between us and our horses and where we live.

The beginning of unlocking your potential to be life-changing in your own life and then how that brings about possibilities of what you can bring from the brilliance of what is you to change/transform the life of others. Here is an amazing place to start. 

Clinic includes the introduction to the practices:

Natures Walks from ‘Quantum Wakening |The Joy, the Wonder, The Inspiration That is Life, on how to find connection and purposely choose what lives in our hearts.

The Search for Non-Existence from the Field of Study - ‘A New Beginning |We Start in the Quiet.’ Where the horses help us reach for that place where we are in a true state of pure being.

1. Learn how we can learn to create connections and how that is the start of everything that is Kjrsos. Possibilities that you never thought were possible.

2. We learn the beginning of how to create the energy that lives in your heart space - a source of peace and joy. Experiencing how that effects everyone, everything around us including of course the horses that we live with.

3. At the same time discover a different, natural way through the horses to find a powerful meditative state that many find impossible to find. Discovering how the horse can help with this. An instant real-life biofeedback device even if you have never had experience with horses before in your life. 


Who is this Retreat/Workshop for?

For everyone. But especially those who are interested in a new conscious awareness, a new relationship with nature, finding connection with life or for those who are equestrians who are interested in discovering just how different and astounding it can be when we come together with our horses in a new way.  Be ready to be surprised by where connections are created. Connections that changes everything afterwards.

It is for the teacher who understands or wants to learn more about how powerful the experiment of outdoor schools in the depths of the BC forest has been.

It is for the family who wants to reconnect with nature. Parents who want their children to know and feel that in their hearts.

It is for those who want the transformation of meditation and understand that for many they need a different path.  That there are perhaps more powerful ways to achieve the best of what meditation has to offer.

It is for the counsellor who wants to find a wholistic way to share practices that their clients can bring into their daily lives to find serenity and control over their emotions.  Practices that science has already proven are effective and create measurable changes to the brain without the use of drugs.

It is for the rider who wants a real connection with their horses, that wants to feel as if they are one with the horse when they are on their back and understands that much of what we do today in riding is based on a time when horses were viewed as dumb and didn't deserve a voice. A time where cruelty was an acceptable training methodology and sadly today that is still true when it comes to our work with our horses. Who want to create a true partnership with their horses.  Who wants to discover what is here when we give it a chance to exist. How horses are amazing, wonderful, magical in what they bring to us.

Plan to Stay an Extra 24 hours ~ And Take the Course Designed For the Teacher, for the Facilitator, for the Instructor or for the future Kjrsos Guide 

For those who are inspired to teach, to inspire others, stay an extra day to participate in the in-depth programming of what it means to bring inspiration to others. How to empower others to find a powerful new awareness to start their own journey. We delve deep into how this works and what strengths and skills the teacher/guide needs to bring to help empower others to find a more powerful experience.  This in-depth programming is meant for anyone who is interested in teaching or sharing this experience with others, you do not need to be signed up for the Kjrsos Guide Program. Prices include Online First Step Course lifetime access and exam fees to be accredited for First Step classes. Just think you could be teaching this next year!

Please note:  To get the full value of the Instructor Course please make sure you give yourself enough time to finish reading 'So That We Can See.'  


• Immediate online access to the preview version of the book So That We Can See - The Second Beginning, the ultimate start to your Kjrsos Practice complete with weekly podcasts in preparation for the upcoming weekend. A heartfelt preparation for an astounding weekend. Sign up so you can get started right away!

'The book: So That We Can See.'

"This is a journey for a lifetime, ready to fill our lives with wonder in discovering what comes next, beyond what we can see and know and touch with our understanding and our hearts today."

It isn't about something. It is about what it reveals.

From the very 1st Reader of SO THAT WE CAN SEE
"This will change everything you ever thought you knew about horses.
This will change everything you thought about life.”

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Want to know more about Kjrsos? 

Kjrsos Is... complicated and difficult to explain.  In part because it addresses so many different possibilities. Maybe because it is for everyone.  For those who ride, for those who don't.  For those who want to find a different relationship with nature, those who are looking for a new level of conscious awareness.  For those who want to create a powerful relationship with their horses.  For the trainer who wants to ensure success for their students and health for the horses that they work with. Below we just briefly brush about what Kjrsos Is. Click to read and find out more!

Kjrsos Is... The Horses Helping Us Towards Awareness

Kjrsos Is... How we can Support and Heal the Earth

Kjrsos Is... Transformation, Evolution, Change

Kjrsos Is... Creating an Amazing Relationship with Your Horse

Kjrsos Is... About How We Can Heal

Kjrsos Is... What Riding Could be Like

Kjrsos Is... Creating Something Beautiful Together


Kjrsos… transformation through nature/life - transformation through the horse.

Please note Horse experience not required for this introductory workshop. No riding involved.

All Clinics taught by an accredited Kjrsos Guide. This clinic with be guided by Nadja Kostiuk author, publisher, photographer, instructor, with an emphasis on the possibilities and health of both human and the horse. Previous published an online world-wide equestrian magazine subscribed to by instructors and riders in 50 countries, with a focus on training instructors combined with a study of the biomechanics of the healthy horse. Now publishing a new offer the Kjrsos Magazine.  This new magazine addressing the lessons of the conscious horse, the why behind why so many are still searching for the full potential for both us and our horses.

Register today to start reading "So That We Can See ~ The Second Beginning"

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Or call: 1-306-542-3557

Hosted by Ravenheart Farms - Located near Kamsack, SK
Includes Meals, Snacks with Accommodation Options
Where the Prairie meets the Forest 

Discover Ravenheart Farms

The Space at Ravenheart

Ravenheart Farms offers cozy rooms, healthy natural food, nature trails, bird watching, the company of sweet horses and friendly dogs, expressive arts, nature-based learning, meditation, or just being! Retreat options include organized workshops for groups and individuals such as the Primal Fire and Horses, Spirit & Play, custom-designed stays, or your own personally designed retreats. Come for a day, a few days or more! Carol Marriott is a Certified Equine-Assisted Learning facilitator. Her background includes a life-long passion for horses, organizational leadership, human resources, facilitation, and program development. A natural leader with an ability to inspire employees, volunteers, and clients, Carol brings a variety of skills and abilities gained throughout a long and successful career in administration, employee development, fundraising, team leadership, media/public relations, special events and promotion. A creative and enthusiastic visionary, Carol has contributed to the success of organizations such as Spruce Meadows, The Calgary Humane Society and Canadian Blood services by building strong community and business relationships based on her professional approach, warm and engaging personality, ability to communicate at all levels, and desire to create respectful and harmonious business and community partnerships.

The Offerings of Ravenheart Farms

Kjrsos is proud to partner with Carol from Ravenheart Farms with this our premier offering.  The space and the energy just says it all as soon as you step onto the property. They offer their own programs that you may be interested in checking out. Including a variety of programs, workshops, and retreats, partnering with horses through Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL), life coaching, and nature-based educational experiences. Understanding that partnering with horses can be a powerful and effective journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal development, allowing people to gain insights and awareness into unconscious patterns, and to find alternative skills to draw on when faced with difficult life challenges.

They utilize a variety of fun, engaging, and reflective activities with horses are facilitated in a gentle, respectful way, for individuals, families, and groups/teams. Anyone can participate, and no previous horse experience is necessary and there is no riding involved. The focus of EAL is not riding or horsemanship specific. All activities happen on the ground, usually at liberty (no tack or equipment). As a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Specialist, Carol Marriott helps participants become aware of their energy while engaging with the horses. Horses pick up on our subtle body language and feelings such as tension, fear, happiness, sadness, anger, grief and confusion. Horses are always in the moment, and their "feedback" is clear, immediate, non-judging and authentic, based on how horses naturally behave. It is helpful for people of all ages and all walks of life, and Ravenheart includes corporate, professional, and personal development programs.

Ravenheart Farms Equine-Assisted Learning Centre & Retreat: Where heart-centred Equine-Assisted Learning and coaching with horses will gently lead you from where you are to where you want to go.

Ravenheart is located approximately 15 minutes north of Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Accommodation Options 

Stay at Ravenheart! Limited cabin options but feel free to bring a tent/trailer and stay with us and we talk late into the evening.

Built-in the 1930s, the cabin stay at Ravenheart is rustic, cozy, and modest. The cabins have electricity and are comfortably furnished with all you need for a “glamping” experience, including clean and comfortable outhouses. Showers and meals in the main house.

Stay close by at the cabins and condos available at Madge Lake in Duck Mountain Provincial Park!

More Info on Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Maybe bring your family and let them have fun at Duck Mountain while you enjoy your relaxing nature retreat with us! Duck Mountain Provincial Park is loved for its rolling hills, well-stocked lakes and boreal forest setting. With accommodations ranging from wilderness camping to electric campsites and a lodge with modern cabins and townhouses, Duck Mountain offers in-park accommodation for every season. 




First Step with Cabin Rental

667CAD/3 days

Discover Kjrsos - The Offer of the Conscious Horse

Kjrsos Nature Retreat/Workshop 1 - First Steps/A New Start

Oct. 9, 10 & 11th – Friday 4pm – Sunday Noon

Guided Introduction to Your First Kjrsos Experience/Classes

with 2 Night Cabin Rental

Payment Due by Oct 1st 2020 

First Steps

597CAD/3 days

Discover Kjrsos - The Offer of the Conscious Horse

Kjrsos Nature Retreat/Workshop 1 - First Steps/A New Start

Oct. 9, 10 & 11th – Friday 4pm – Sunday Noon

Guided Introduction to Your First Kjrsos Experience/Classes

Payment Due by Oct 1st 2020


For Kjrsos Guides

1197CAD/4 days

Discover Kjrsos - The Offer of the Conscious Horse

Kjrsos Nature Retreat/Workshop 1 - First Steps/A New Start

Oct. 9, 10 & 11th – Friday 4pm – Sunday Noon

And for those who want to begin teaching join us for an additional day

Oct 11th & 12th Sunday Noon to Monday Noon

includes Lifetime Access to the  First Steps Classes online and all exam costs and evaluations

Guided Introduction to Your First Kjrsos Experience/Classes

Payment Due by Oct 1st 2020