Discovering Kjrsos


Kjrsos Is... complicated and difficult to explain.  In part because it addresses so many different possibilities. Maybe because it is for everyone.  For those who ride, for those who don't.  For those who want to find a different relationship with nature, those who are looking for a new level of conscious awareness.  For those who want to create a powerful relationship with their horses.  For the trainer who wants to ensure success for their students and health for the horses that they work with. Below we just briefly brush about what Kjrsos Is. Click to read and find out more!

Kjrsos Is... The Horses Helping Us Towards Awareness

Kjrsos Is... How we can Support and Heal the Earth

Kjrsos Is... Transformation, Evolution, Change

Kjrsos Is... Creating an Amazing Relationship with Your Horse

Kjrsos Is... About How We Can Heal

Kjrsos Is... What Riding Could be Like

Kjrsos Is... Creating Something Beautiful Together