A First Steps Clinic - A Lightness of the Heart

Kjrsos Equestrian Nature Retreat/Workshop 1 - First Steps/A New Start
Guided Introduction to Your First Kjrsos Experience

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June 18, 19 & 20th – Friday 4pm – Sunday Noon

A lightness of heart is to find the power of nature and the power of the horse and how that can change what is in us.  The first step in a new beginning with our horses. The first step in changing what is us and how that changes everything.  Changes how the horse interacts with us. 

The horse the ultimate barometer, measuring, testing, letting you know when you are going in the right direction. The start of giving them the space to explore the potentials that exists inside of them. Their possibilities.

You should find you walk into the weekend one person and walk out feeling like you've found someone else. 

With a peace, a serenity, a surety of what and who you want to be next. A new person with new understanding and real life exercises that you can use every single day to continue the process and stay on top of it.


We learn the beginning of how to create the energy that lives in your heart space - a source of peace and joy. Experiencing how that effects everyone, everything around us including of course the horses that we live with.

 At the same time discover a different, natural way through the horses to find a powerful meditative state that many find impossible to find. Discovering how the horse can help with this. An instant real-life biofeedback device even if you have never had experience with horses before in your life.


Who is this Retreat/Workshop for?

For everyone. But especially those who are interested in a new conscious awareness, a new relationship with nature, finding connection with life or for those who are equestrians who are interested in discovering just how different and astounding it can be when we come together with our horses in a new way.  Be ready to be surprised by where connections are created. Connections that changes everything afterwards.

It is for the teacher who understands or wants to learn more about how powerful the experiment of outdoor schools in the depths of the BC forest has been.

It is for the family who wants to reconnect with nature. Parents who want their children to know and feel that in their hearts.

It is for those who want the transformation of meditation and understand that for many they need a different path.  That there are perhaps more powerful ways to achieve the best of what meditation has to offer.

It is for the counsellor who wants to find a wholistic way to share practices that their clients can bring into their daily lives to find serenity and control over their emotions.  Practices that science has already proven are effective and create measurable changes to the brain without the use of drugs.

It is for the rider who wants a real connection with their horses, that wants to feel as if they are one with the horse when they are on their back and understands that much of what we do today in riding is based on a time when horses were viewed as dumb and didn't deserve a voice. A time where cruelty was an acceptable training methodology and sadly today that is still true when it comes to our work with our horses. Who want to create a true partnership with their horses.  Who wants to discover what is here when we give it a chance to exist. How horses are amazing, wonderful, magical in what they bring to us.

Plan to Stay an Extra 24 hours ~ And Take the Course Designed For the Teacher, for the Facilitator, for the Instructor or for the future Kjrsos Guide 

For those who are inspired to teach, to inspire others, stay an extra day to participate in the in-depth programming of what it means to bring inspiration to others. How to empower others to find a powerful new awareness to start their own journey. We delve deep into how this works and what strengths and skills the teacher/guide needs to bring to help empower others to find a more powerful experience.  This in-depth programming is meant for anyone who is interested in teaching or sharing this experience with others. Note: you do not need to be signed up for the Kjrsos Guide Program. Just think you could be teaching this next year!

Please note:  If you are interested in the  Instructor Course please make sure you give yourself enough time to finish reading 'So That We Can See.'  


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Kjrsos… transformation through nature/life - transformation through the horse.

Please note Horse experience not required for this introductory workshop. No riding involved.

All Clinics taught by an accredited Kjrsos Guide. This clinic with be guided by Nadja Kostiuk author, publisher, photographer, instructor, with an emphasis on the possibilities and health of both human and the horse. Previous published an online world-wide equestrian magazine subscribed to by instructors and riders in 50 countries, with a focus on training instructors combined with a study of the biomechanics of the healthy horse. Now publishing a new offer the Kjrsos Magazine.  This new magazine addressing the lessons of the conscious horse, the why behind why so many are still searching for the full potential for both us and our horses.

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